Tell us about your job openings:

If you are consistently hiring or have more than 10 available positions, you have the opportunity to be highlighted in the “Now Hiring” section on our business directory.

  • Email with a hiring manager’s contact name, email, and phone number.

  • Be sure to have your available job opportunities posted clearly on your company website or Facebook page.

For additional support with your talent needs, call your Chamber at 619-420-6603 for a consultation.

Talent Resources

Recruit & Attract Talent

List your position openings, find local services to support your talent needs, engage future talent from college placement offices, connect with private staffing agencies & attract external talent.

Community Events

The Chamber provides programming & events that connect your new hires & current talent to each other & the community, helping to increase engagement and retention.

Education & Development

Education, career training, and continuous development are all part of building and retraining our workforce.