Action through Committees

The heart of the Chamber is the work of our volunteer committees. The Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce relies on its committees to drive the programs that make it so successful. We urge you to add your voice to our work as we build a dynamic new slate of Chamber events, activities and programs to help face the challenges and seize the opportunities that will strengthen your business and build a brighter future for our city.

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee is the advocate arm of the Chamber that analyzes existing and proposed legislation and ordinances at the local, state, and federal levels and then provides recommendations to the Board for a position and action. Board positions are communicated to members, the community, and elected officials. 

Meetings are the LAST Wednesday of every month at 3:00 pm.

Dolores Jackson

Utilities Subcommittee: Supporting Public Policy

Utilities universally impact our area businesses – electric power, water, waste disposal, and natural gas. The sustainability and operating costs of literally every regional business and public institution are dependent on the service levels and rates provided by San Diego Gas and Electric, our water authorities, and our waste disposal/recycling companies. Consequently, it was both necessary and prudent to enhance the channels of communication between our utility providers and the business community. It is important to openly, collectively and cooperatively analyze, in advance, strategies to meet increasing service demands and expanding delivery infrastructure, using optimized, mutually beneficial cost structures. We will achieve open bilateral communications between our utility leadership teams and our Chamber members engaging in educational presentations, policy reviews, as well as analysis of rate and growth requirements.

In addition, City leaders, State lawmakers and the California Public Utilities Commissioners and staff have expressed a desire to be better-informed relative to the impacts on our business economy resulting from the utility activities, rate structures, infrastructure requirements and service levels proposed by our regional utility providers. The Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce is now in the unique position to provide direct input to our governing bodies on the future plans and proposed actions associated with regional utility service.

Meetings currently via Virtual Zoom

Susana Villagas

Economic Development

The Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce works hand in hand with businesses, the city and members of the community, all committed to making Chula Vista one of the nation’s premier places to live, work and play. The Economic Development Committee promotes economic growth in Chula Vista by supporting and encouraging local business expansion and relocation efforts for all categories of commerce. The committee also monitors the city’s economic development efforts within South County and the County in general, and it monitors State and Federal initiatives that impact economic growth and development. Committee meetings offer a venue for discussion on efforts related to economic development.

The Committee meets the LAST Wednesday of each month at 3:00 pm.

Becky Cortez

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee coordinates the Chamber’s Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, Ground Breakings and “Together Thursday Mixers.” Its members are the official greeters at all Chamber events. Committee members also assist with membership retention and acquaint new and existing members with the Chamber’s networking programs. The Membership Committee is involved with membership recruitment and retention. Members are tasked with cultivating ideas to enhance membership benefits and bring awareness to local businesses on the positive aspects of becoming and/or continuing Chamber membership. The committee affords members the opportunity to network with their peers and discuss ideas relevant to membership growth.

​Every other month, the 4th Thursday of the month at 12:00 pm (at different school locations)

Education Committee

Education is important to Chula Vista’s residents and with the steadily expanding population, the commitment to excellence in the educational arena continues to be a top priority. Chula Vista is progressive and presents a myriad of educational opportunities. Located within the city limits are excellent elementary, junior and senior high schools, as well as Southwestern College, National University and the University of Phoenix. The mission of the Education Committee is to provide the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors with recommendations on issues affecting education. Through Board resolutions and support, this mission also includes creating partnerships between the business community and the entire education community. Using a broad range of actions, these partnerships will enrich students’ lives and ensure that students are prepared for the workplace of tomorrow.

​Every other month, the 4th Thursday of the month at 12:00 pm (at different school locations)

Dr. Eduardo Reyes

Hotel/Motel Committee & Restaurant Committee

The Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce works hand in hand with hotels, motels, restaurants and tourism businesses. The committee meetings offer a venue for discussion on efforts related to our tourism industry. Committee members range from small family-owned properties to larger hotels. Our Committee provides advocacy and representation on legislative issues. We serve the needs of our members with resources, technology and communications to help them better serve our visitors and community members.​

Jennifer Trcka Tabler

Youth-Focused Businesses Committee

This Committee is dedicated to serving children. Under the guidance and support of the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce, Neisha Hernandez put together a group of Chula Vista Businesses that serve our youth for monthly Zoom meetings. If you have a youth-focused business and would like to join this Committee, please contact the Chamber office.

Meetings are held via Zoom on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 9 am

Golf Committee

The Golf Committee coordinates the Chamber’s Annual Golf Tournament. Our Golf Committee works to recruit and secure the 120 Golfers and Sponsorships to ensure a successful Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser for our Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce. If you’d like to get involved, please contact our office at (619) 420-6603.

Committee Members meet the First & Second Wednesday of each month at 9:00 am in our Chamber of Commerce Board Room.

Becky Cortez

Leadership Chula Vista Committee

The primary purpose of Leadership Chula Vista is to strengthen participants’ leadership skills, and make connections to local Government and Business Leaders to prepare them for future leadership in South County. Seminar topics are provided by local leaders that are subject experts and include: Government, Education, Growth, Health Care, Business, Safety Services, Community Outreach and a Community Tour. Guest speakers will be providing valuable information about their organization and its relationship to leadership and the community. This is a unique opportunity to build networks and gain valuable information about the community from current leaders.

As part of the program, participants are asked to lead a project that will benefit the community and will have exclusive connections to current community leaders. Each session provides participants with the perfect opportunity to receive feedback from many valuable sources. Participants will also be provided with all class materials and lunch.

Cameron Celeste

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